My training log

I haven’t run in a race since February.  For about 12 weeks after that race, I lifted weights and ran less.  I actually gained about 15 pounds pretty quickly due to me running less mileage (burning less calories), eating more dense and protein rich foods and lifting weights basically everyday.  It was refreshing to take […]


Be willing to do what it takes

Most people walk into the gym with an expectation to get in shape, lose weight, improve their physique or gain strength.  The problem lies in the individual’s misinterpreted understanding of the process to attain the results.  Information is so prevalent today.  In fitness, this creates a wide range of methods and opinions.  As having diversity […]


Warming up for fitness success

 The dynamic warm up is a key ingredient for training success.  In my opinion, the warm up is the most important aspect of the workout.  If you skip the dynamic warm up, you will increase your chances of injury and have lack luster training sessions.  Here a few strategies to think about regarding the dynamic […]

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