21-Day Reset

Nutrition Plan

“It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.”

Next 21-day reset will begin October 26th.

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Are ready for a nutritional reset?

Do you want to improve your physique?

Do you want to upgrade your nutritional habits?


I am so excited to launch my 21-day reset nutrition program.  Through trial and error, I feel I have put together a sensible and realistic nutrition plan that will help you achieve your fitness goals, gain more energy and help you live at more optimum levels.

I have been in the trenches training and coaching thousands of people over the past two decades.  This nutrition program is a combination of the knowledge I have gained over the years along with my experience of coaching others to their fitness goals.  FOLLOWING SOME RESTRICTIVE DIET doesn’t work for most people.  My plan gives you flexibility and control of the lifestyle you want to live.

In the case study I put together to test this nutrition plan, we had individuals lose upwards of 15 pound in 3 weeks but more importantly, saw improvements in their overall energy, decreased their brain fog, improved their digestive health, gained strength and stamina in their workouts, lost body fat, improved their mood and so much more!





This program is not a diet.  Meaning, I do not want you to do this program for 21 days only to lose some quick pounds, then quit the plan. That’s not my goal.  And it shouldn’t be your goal either.  My goal in this nutrition plan is to teach you how to use the tools within my program to assist you in your own individual lifestyle.  I want you learning what I coach so you can continue using the principles for the rest of your life.  If you think of this as just another “quick fix” diet, unfortunately you will fail in this one as well.

I need you focused on recalibrating your thinking and mindset on what you think you know about nutrition.  We will cut out the BS and teach you the facts.  When you go back to the basics and understand a little of the science behind nutrition, you will get better results.

But let’s face it, I can not do the work for you. You must do the work, be consistent and stay persistent through the process.  If you can commit to following through and giving it your best effort, you will gain a considerable amount of success from following my plan.

Once you sign up, you will get access to the entire 21-day reset plan.  In this plan I will lay out all the details for you to achieve the success you are looking for.

I will discuss what foods we should focus on, meal frequency, calorie awareness, organizational tools, supplements, psychology of nutrition and how to make it individualized.

You will be added to our private Facebook group page.  This is an important aspect to being in my program as this is where we can stay connected.  In this page, you can ask questions and get feedback pretty quickly.  You will also have other individuals who are participating and following the plan in this private group.  Having this positive community is a key component to people succeeding within my plan.


Remember, you can go at this plan at the pace that makes sense to you.  21 days is 21 days, so it’s more important to learn the principles in the plan versus go hard for 21 days only to quit.  What will happen after the 21-day period?  That’s a question for each individual to answer and also an important discussion we will have once you join.

I know this nutrition plan will work and you will feel better, gain more energy and you may even lose some weight. I am hoping that you implement the tools that you learn into your lifestyle.  This new way of thinking regarding nutrition may just change your entire life direction.  So be ready!

I will be opening up this plan to the first 50 people to sign up.  

So you need ACT NOW! 

(This is an interactive coaching program where I will be right there with you supporting and coaching you as you go through the program.  You will get a personal email from me after you sign up explaining all the details.)

ONLY $97


I am here to help and guide you to your fitness goals.  My coaching is a real world, no-nonsense philosophy.  ACTION IS REQUIRED!  Yes, you must do the work and be consistent; that is the only way you will move towards your goals.  However, with consistent work, you will see the positive benefits in your life.

My 21-day reset nutrition plan is a life enhancement plan.  I have seen it work for many people.  Please do not look at my plan as “just another diet”.  Learn how to use the tools I teach you and watch what happens.

I understand that this program is not for everyone.  However, if you are looking to upgrade your life, using sound and realistic nutritional principles, let’s get you signed up!

Please let me know if you have any questions: justin@jlevision.com.

Justin Levine

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