We must go beyond motivation

One of the biggest reasons people say they fall off their fitness plan is due to a lack of motivation.  Motivation is having the want or desire to do something.  So in all reality, when people say they are not motivated, they are actually saying they do not want their goals bad enough.  Now don’t […]


Understanding Perspective

Perspective: an attitude towards something; a point of view This year specifically, learning about perspective has been a focal point in my life. Perspective is based on our upbringing and life experiences.  We all have different stories and events that create what we see. We all have different parents, teachers, ministers, mentors, coaches and influencers […]


Embracing obstacles

I am at a spot in my life where I am being challenged physically, mentally and emotionally. Without getting into the details, let me just say that I am embracing these challenges and keeping my attitude enthusiastic and positive. Sometimes shit just doesn’t go our way.  And really, sometimes life is just plain out ruthless.  […]


What inspires you?

I am a risk taker.  I push my limits, I see how far I can go (in all areas of life), I experiment, I explore… I enjoy pushing my limitations… to the max… I think my ability to go to that max is what inspires people. It’s difficult for people to stretch to their personal […]


Shift your energy

I am going to be switching up the vibes a bit with my blog.  You have seen a lot of fitness, nutrition, mindset and personal growth messages in my blog.  Many of those topics will continue to be highlighted, but I just feel the need to allow myself to dive deeper into life and mindset.  […]


Why we are NOT achieving our goals

  Lack of accountability. We need coaching in life.  Whether that’s a performance coach, a nutrition coach, a business coach, a financial coach, or a strength coach…investing in an expert in the area you are trying to improve upon is a key component to staying on track and achieving the goal at hand.  A good coach keeps you […]


What diet should you follow?

I get asked quite a bit about specific diets, nutrition protocols, supplements, and products regarding fitness/performance/health etc. I stay pretty agnostic with my approach about all things nutrition. I know there are lots of ways to get results. People need to learn what they need/want regarding their nutrition lifestyles. Weight loss goal? Performance goal? Auto […]

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