Why we are NOT achieving our goals

  Lack of accountability. We need coaching in life.  Whether that’s a performance coach, a nutrition coach, a business coach, a financial coach, or a strength coach…investing in an expert in the area you are trying to improve upon is a key component to staying on track and achieving the goal at hand.  A good coach keeps you […]


What diet should you follow?

I get asked quite a bit about specific diets, nutrition protocols, supplements, and products regarding fitness/performance/health etc. I stay pretty agnostic with my approach about all things nutrition. I know there are lots of ways to get results. People need to learn what they need/want regarding their nutrition lifestyles. Weight loss goal? Performance goal? Auto […]


Long Term Fitness

Stay Consistent: this the key component to maintaining your fitness level over 5+ years. One workout doesn’t get you fit but many workouts achieved over a long period of time is the recipe for success. Things to help you out with this: set a monthly/yearly workout goal – having this process goal will keep you […]


My thoughts on the Ketogenic Diet

I was recently asked my opinion on the “ketogenic” diet…. (FYI, I am not a registered dietician but have extensive experience in the fitness/nutrition industry.) The “keto” diet is known for being a very low carbohydrate/moderate protein/high fat diet, where the body produces ketones in the liver to be used as energy. Ketones are an […]

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