There are NO Secrets

If you are looking for a secret sauce or a quick fix remedy in your fitness life, the starting point is changing that mindset. First of all, let me make one thing clear… THERE ARE NO SECRETS to getting results.  It’s a committed attitude and a determined mindset that is needed.  It’s building a lifestyle […]


Why we should workout everyday

The answer to this question is easy.  We should workout everyday “to create a habit”.  Habits are what shape our entire lifestyles.   Think about your daily routines. What time do you get up in the morning?   What is the first thing you do once you get up?   What food do you usually grab for?   Do you start […]



I sit here in this moment, Sunday, January 12th at 7:14 pm… Grateful. See my kids just left. Their mother picked them up as she returned from out of town. I’ve had the kids the last two weeks. Thank God for my parents, they have helped tremendously. It’s an interesting world we live in. Sometimes […]


How to get and stay lean

Getting lean, getting in better shape, losing weight and/or improving our fitness is a long and arduous journey that takes tremendous time, effort and dedication. The hard part for most people is staying consistent for months and ultimately years. To me, that is the foundation, the consistency to show up day in and day out.  That’s […]


Always Gratitude

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” The above quote from Kenny Rogers should remind us that expressing our gratitude is an important virtue.   We live in a fast paced society.   The next six weeks are full of Holiday parties, family get togethers, parades and social events; the time […]


We must go beyond motivation

One of the biggest reasons people say they fall off their fitness plan is due to a lack of motivation.  Motivation is having the want or desire to do something.  So in all reality, when people say they are not motivated, they are actually saying they do not want their goals bad enough.  Now don’t […]


Understanding Perspective

Perspective: an attitude towards something; a point of view This year specifically, learning about perspective has been a focal point in my life. Perspective is based on our upbringing and life experiences.  We all have different stories and events that create what we see. We all have different parents, teachers, ministers, mentors, coaches and influencers […]


Embracing obstacles

I am at a spot in my life where I am being challenged physically, mentally and emotionally. Without getting into the details, let me just say that I am embracing these challenges and keeping my attitude enthusiastic and positive. Sometimes shit just doesn’t go our way.  And really, sometimes life is just plain out ruthless.  […]


What inspires you?

I am a risk taker.  I push my limits, I see how far I can go (in all areas of life), I experiment, I explore… I enjoy pushing my limitations… to the max… I think my ability to go to that max is what inspires people. It’s difficult for people to stretch to their personal […]

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