8 Ways to follow through on your goals this Year

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“Progress is not achieved by luck or accident, but by working on yourself daily.”  Epictetus

  1. Be ruthless in your action.  Daily action needs to be the fuel you run on each day.  The big goals do not get achieved without winning each day first.  We must reverse engineer our goals all the way down to the daily action.  What do you need to do at this moment to move closer to your goals? The daily work will add up to massive movement and accomplishments.  Nothing happens without the consistent small steps taken each day. High achievers are constant in their hustle and determination.  Days off are limited.  Rather focusing on the big goal at hand, be clear-cut on what is needed each day.  Then be consistent.  Remember, each day truly matters!
  2. Create behaviors that set you up to be successful.  I cannot stress this idea any more.  Evaluating and rearranging your daily habits to support your goals and ideal lifestyle is the catalyst to winning the day.  Where are you at your best?  Do you feel your best after a workout?  If yes, then make sure to workout everyday.  Do you feel your best after meditating? If yes, then make sure to do that daily.  Do you feel strong and motivating after reading or listening to positive material?  If yes, then find time to make this happen.  There is time in the day for personal practices that help us reach our best states.  We just have to manage the day, instead of the day managing us.  By creating habits, you will be more likely to follow through on these daily practices.
  3. Join an accountability group.  Personal responsibility is good.  Peer accountability is better.  When you know someone else knows your goals, it will trigger a sense of urgency and responsibility for you to go after them with a vengeance.  Checking in with your group and discussing struggles and successes will keep you focused and on track through the process.  Let’s face it, going after your goals is not a straight journey without obstacles.  Learning from the trials and having other people in your corner will be a key component to your success.  Plain and simple, you cannot do it alone!
  4. Stay physically strong and fit.  This journey will be arduous no matter what, might as well be in great shape so you can endure the process.  Make it a point to be active and workout daily.  Aim for 30-60 minutes.  You can do strength training, interval conditioning, group classes, yoga, walking/hiking and/or participate in a sport.  Do what you enjoy!  Know your body and level, but don’t hold back here.  Push yourself.  Working out can be your medicine to get away, focus on yourself, get strong and fit, release stress and get your blood flowing.  It will do wonders to your mental psyche as well.  (See next point)
  5. Stay mentally strong and fit.  Believing in yourself is a critical step to achieving your goals.  We must create a mindset that truly believes “I can do this”.  Just like strengthening and conditioning the physical body, it takes work to condition the mental state.  Read #4 again.  Because the byproduct of working on your fitness and performance is an improved mentality.  Meditation is another practice to staying mentally fit.  This is a go-to practice to release tension, come into the present moment, and release any toxic communication you may be having with yourself. Meditation will help you build a stronger connection to your mind. “If you think you can or can’t, you will be right.” Theodore Roosevelt. This powerful quote is true. Strengthening the mindset all starts with your thinking.  Program your thinking to support your journey and do your best to eliminate any lethal self-talk.
  6. You are what you eat and drink. Most people understand that a healthy nutrition plan will support a lean and strong physique. And yes, it’s true. Flooding your diet with nutrient dense foods will be key to maintaining a healthy weight.   The point many people miss is the mental improvement you receive by eating a quality diet. So yes, eat to look a certain way but also eat to feel and think a specific way as well.   If you are looking to go after your goals this year, staying physically energized and healthy will be key to your daily hustle.  Pack your day with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. These foods are loaded with vitamins and minerals that enable the body to perform at high levels. There are no replacements for these foods. Other foods that will help you stay energized: lean proteins (chicken, lean steak, ground turkey, eggs), healthy fats (natural nut butters, raw nuts, extra virgin olive oil, fish), complex carbohydrates (whole grain breads, rice, beans and legumes) and lean dairy (yogurt, milk, low fat cheese).  Make sure you are consistently drinking enough water each day.       Chronic dehydration will affect your energy and your ability to get things done.  And don’t forget to enjoy an IPA or 2 (or red wine or donuts).  Life should be fun and shouldn’t feel like you are on some extreme diet.  Just be consistent.
  7. Be resilient. Let’s face it; the journey is not linear.   You will need to bounce back from mistakes, obstacles and tragedy in the year. These things are connected to life. The idea is to find strength through the struggles.  Anytime you may feel down or discouraged, regain your composure, drink a tall glass of water, take a few deep breaths, exercise, meditate or pray and get back into your routines.  The course is long and challenging and it will take a resilient individual to fight with everything they have to achieve the things they desire. Don’t stay down too long; get yourself up, dust off and find your rhythm again. Momentum will be created. Take advantage. This is resilience.
  8. Continue to reevaluate yourself. With introspect, comes clarity of what you truly want. Without introspect, the ego gets in the way of becoming our true self. Analyzing your thoughts, feelings and emotions can give you depth. With depth comes self-acceptance. With self-acceptance, life can now happen! Do not be afraid to look at yourself from the inside-out. You will learn who you truly are so you can go at life exactly how you want.


Thank you for making it this far.  I appreciate you greatly.


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