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Choose your food wisely…

We DO NOT have to completely restrict certain foods.
(Unless there is an allergen)

We should absolutely enjoy lots of different foods out there without a guilty feeling.

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What types of foods do we eat consistently?  Meat, grains, veggies, fruits, pastries, soda, fried, etc. Quality of our food intake matters and the majority should be healthier options. We all have to buy food at the grocery store. What’s the majority of our food purchases? How do we order when out to eat? Consistency matters.

How MUCH do we eat consistently?  A simple week long food log will give us an approximate number. Calorie control or lack there of will lead to weight issues. I feel this is the basic understanding to weight control and staying lean. Are we in a deficit most of the time? Or a surplus? Maintenance? Basic science here.

What types of workouts are we doing?
Strength training, aerobic, high intensity, yoga, not much, etc. Eating to support our training is imperative to maximize results. The higher intensity, the more well rounded our diet should be. The less active someone is, the less quantity. Performance goals should be different than pure physique goals, in regards to our nutrition planning. We are all different.

What’s our weight goal/physique goal? Do we want to be ripped below 10% body fat? 12-20%? We probably do not want to be higher than 25% as this increases health issues and affects the rest of our life. Understanding the type of body we want and willing to sustain, that’s everything. There is a certain lifestyle that it takes to maintain a lean body. Maintaining a very lean physique is tough and has its own difficulties to deal with.

Big picture thinking is key with nutrition.

Go beyond just the meal you are eating at the moment.

What are you doing consistently?

The last 100 meals.

The next 100.

That’s what matters.


If you need coaching, email me at justin@jlevision.com.


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