I’m not losing weight, what should I do?

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Number 1: Be honest with yourself. Have you been accurately logging your foods? Are you consciously aware of intake versus outtake? Are you moving and working out weekly? Have you given it enough time? Do you count all calories? Are you being consistent? Results happen by paying attention to the details. Just trust the process. If you slide off track, simply get back going and stay persistent.  Commitment to the long game is when the results happen.


Number 2: Adjust. If the scale is not moving in the direction you want it to, a minor adjustment should be made. Maybe it’s a slight decrease in your caloric intake. Simply cutting back on weekly food intake by 10% could be a catalyst to you losing weight. Say you eat 2000 calories per day. That equates to 14,000/week. A 10% cut in calories would give you 12,600 calories, a difference of 1400 calories for the week. That could move you into a caloric deficit, which is where we want to be for weight loss. Maybe you need more activity/exercise in the week. Say currently you are working out 2-3 days per week. If you move that to 5-6 days, that will improve your metabolic function, getting you to “burn” more calories. Combine this with a 10% decrease in caloric intake, we just maneuvered the entire formula in your favor. Anytime you reach a plateau, or feel results get stagnate, if you want a new result, something needs to be adjusted. Just remember, it doesn’t have to be some crazy, life transformational adjustment. Minor changes in your program can keep you steady in your progress.


Number 3: Hire a coach. There is a huge accountability aspect to having a coach. When someone is counting on you or waiting for you at a workout, you are more likely to follow through. Whether the coach is online or in person, personal responsibility is key. Just because you have a “fitness coach”, weight loss will not magically happen. The work must still be done. A good coach will help you devise an appropriate plan that you can understand and follow through on. This plan should challenge you. It shouldn’t completely overwhelm you. Know the difference. It’s important to have an honest relationship with your trainer/coach. If you ate 3 donuts over the weekend, tell him or her you ate 3 donuts. That’s the reason you may not be losing weight. It’s important to be transparent to your coach and then be receptive to his or her feedback and direction.


Number 4: Improve the quality of your food. Understanding calories in versus calories out is important but improving the quality of your nutrition will also be a catalyst to weight loss. Please do not view this as some extreme and restrictive nutrition plan. It can be fun and quite simple to eat nutritious food on a consistent basis. You just have to be prepared, have the right mindset and be determined to achieve your fitness and aesthetic goals. Cut back on processed and sugar dense foods. Increase your vegetables, fruits and lean proteins. Be consistent. Look at the big picture. You need about 80-85% of your food intake to support your goal on a weekly basis. Plan for this to happen. Make healthy choices when going out to eat. Have the healthy food options in your house. Indulge every once in awhile. Stay persistent. One healthy meal doesn’t force weight loss, just like one unhealthy meal doesn’t force weight gain. The consistency of one or the other will determine your movement.

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