Training for Life

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Training for Life
By: Justin Levine, Owner and Head Trainer of
California Fitness Academy

What are you training for? Is it a specific sport or are you trying to shed off those last ten pounds? Whatever your goals are, in order to accomplish them you need to make your health a priority. You will not achieve the goals you set out for if you do not live a healthy life day in and day out.
Here are 5 ideas you can put into your daily routine, starting now, to enhance the vitality of your Life. Implement them into your schedule and see your levels soar beyond what you imagined. You can do anything when you put your mind to it. You just have to put in the work. Do not MAKE EXCUSES and do not wait, DO IT NOW!

1. Wake up and eat breakfast every morning. You must wake up every morning and eat a good quality meal. In order to get your metabolism where we want it, eating first thing in the morning is crucial. You will speed up your metabolism, increase your lean body mass, burn unwanted body fat, and “wake” up the body. Do not let a morning pass without eating a good balanced breakfast.

2. Workout 4-6 days a week. Be consistent with your working out. Fitness is not fitness without the working out. You must stay cardiovascular fit, strong and healthy in order to feel good everyday. Just because you are going out of town, that is no reason to skip a workout. Do not make excuses. Working out will release endorphins, give you energy and you will feel good about yourself. It needs to be apart of your Life.

3. Don’t do diets! Diets are things you get on and get off. Learn how to eat healthy all the time. In the long run, diets do not work. You can get great results from a specific diet but when you get off you will lose everything you worked for. You must create a lifestyle to where you eat nutritious foods on a daily basis and it is just something you do automatically. Eating a healthy diet will keep your immune system strong, fight away infection, give you energy and keep you going all day long. Plus, it will aide in your recovery from your hard workouts.

4. Eat more protein. Most people do not eat enough protein to surplus their activity level. They are constantly in a catabolic state; meaning they are tearing lean muscle, storing body fat and decreasing metabolism. When you eat more protein you will stabilize your blood sugars, increase your lean muscle mass and increase your metabolism. After a grueling workout in the gym, your body is broken down and it is very important to eat quality proteins the rest of the day in order for your body to rebuild, recover and get stronger. Do not be afraid to drink a protein shake if you do not have time to cook or prepare a meal. Protein is a needed nutrient that you body needs everyday.

5. Be POSITIVE! Do not put yourself down. Always believe in yourself and have confidence. You will not accomplish your goals if you are constantly being negative and do not believe you can achieve your goals. Fitness is your Life. And if you continue to make it a priority you will see the long term benefits. Enjoy the adventure and continue to get better!

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