Understanding Perspective

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Perspective: an attitude towards something; a point of view

This year specifically, learning about perspective has been a focal point in my life.

Perspective is based on our upbringing and life experiences.  We all have different stories and events that create what we see.

We all have different parents, teachers, ministers, mentors, coaches and influencers in our lives.  No two people share the same lens.

That is why being empathetic to others’ perspective is a key component to moving through life.

Too many times, we selfishly view things only from one perspective.  This creates warfare and poor relationships.

Trust me, I have learned the hard way.  I get stubborn.  I feel very passionate about my life and the way I go about things.  Sometimes this stubbornness affects my perspective.

As I am non-judgemental towards my imperfections, being aware of perspective forces me to dive deeper into the lens as which to view from…

Viewing things from another person’s point of view is key for leadership, good communication and building strong relationships.

(again, I have learned these things from personal experience)

That is why understanding perspective is important.

It will help us go deeper than just our own train of thoughts.

When we learn to be nonjudgemental to opinions and viewpoints, we can then express more empathy and compassion to the people we connect with.


Peace, Justin



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