We must go beyond motivation

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One of the biggest reasons people say they fall off their fitness plan is due to a lack of motivation.  Motivation is having the want or desire to do something.  So in all reality, when people say they are not motivated, they are actually saying they do not want their goals bad enough. 

Now don’t get me wrong, motivation is definitely part of the equation.  We should cultivate a desire to achieve whatever goal we are pursuing.  That at least gets the ball rolling. 

But once we decide on a specific goal, motivation becomes fickle.  It is a short term feeling that does not last. 

We can definitely find ways to stay motivated.  Maybe it’s a motivational video on YouTube that resonates a sense of inspiration or feeling of encouragement.  That can help us reshape our mindset and perspective, giving us motivation in that moment. 

Maybe it’s spending time with positive, motivated and uplifted people.  These relationships can definitely inject a motivated and energetic feeling within. 

But even with the endless amounts of external motivation techniques and tactics that are available, a person must commit and follow through with the work and action it takes to achieve goals over long periods of time.  Let’s face it, telling yourself (and even more telling others) that you will go lose that 50 pounds or run the marathon or get in the best shape of your life, these things are hard as hell.  It’s scary putting yourself out there and pursuing a very difficult goal. 

What if you fail? 

What if it doesn’t work out the first time? 

What if you get frustrated? 

What if you feel unmotivated? 

If I can be completely honest with you, in regards to my personal fitness journey, I have failed, but I kept going.  Many of my goals didn’t work out the first time. 

Frustrated?  I get frustrated all the time because I am always striving for better. 

Motivation?  I don’t necessarily look to feel motivated.  I commit to doing the work. 

Now, I am just an example and this is my profession.  I get it.  But the mindset needs to be similar. 

We have to commit to the process of getting up everyday and doing something, even little things, that take us a bit closer to our goal(s). 

We need to cultivate the desire and the determination that it takes to do the daily work. 

It is not easy and it is definitely not a quick fix. 

But, if we take the time and we do the work and we are consistent, over a period of time, improvement will happen. 

Guess what improvement creates?  Motivation. 

When we start to layer these tendencies over years and even decades, we then create concrete habits. 

When we create habits, we are much more likely to stick to the routine. 

Now we are getting somewhere. 

Our habits and daily routines manifest our lifestyle. 

People that are in great shape have been working at their lifestyle for years.  They have done the work on the days they didn’t feel that motivated.  They got up and worked out on days they were tired.  Most of the time, they are eating higher quality foods.  They committed and stayed the course. 

This is what it takes. 

I encourage you to go beyond just feeling motivated.  

If you need any help with this topic, please email me at justin@jlevision.com

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