What inspires you?

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I am a risk taker.  I push my limits, I see how far I can go (in all areas of life), I experiment, I explore…

I enjoy pushing my limitations… to the max…

I think my ability to go to that max is what inspires people.

It’s difficult for people to stretch to their personal limitations.

Let’s face it, it’s down right uncomfortable.  There’s a lot of messiness when pursuing big goals and dreams.

So when they see someone else do it, it creates hope.

But what most people don’t see is all the fucking work it takes…

the sweat, the blood, the tears, the bad times, the times when I self loathe,

the hours in the trenches, the miles on the road, the times feeling sorry for myself,

the dark mornings in the office, the late nights tossing and turning, the self-induced stress…

that’s what people don’t see.

I guess that’s inspiring…

is that I am willing to do the work.

I am willing to GET UP EVERY DAMN day with a positive outlook and do the work.

I do not dwell in the past.

I do not feel sorry for myself.

I do what it takes to shift my energy to stay inspired.

I do my best to be around inspiring people.

It’s a daily process.

If someone thinks that my way of life is inspiring… that what I do can inspire that person to live life just a bit more…

then I am good with that.  That makes me happy.  That fuels my soul.

Inspiration is not fufu.  We all need it.  Daily.

Whatever inspires you, I recommend a heavy dosage of that thing or person every single day.

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate you.

If I can serve you in anyway, please get in touch (justin@jlevision.com)


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