Why we are NOT achieving our goals

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  1. Lack of accountability. We need coaching in life.  Whether that’s a performance coach, a nutrition coach, a business coach, a financial coach, or a strength coach…investing in an expert in the area you are trying to improve upon is a key component to staying on track and achieving the goal at hand.  A good coach keeps you motivated, gives you practical strategies to go to work on, supplies constructive feedback on areas needing improvement and shares personal experience as evidence of success.  Yes, it may cost you a few dollars but having a coach is an investment that reaps positive and long-term benefits.


  1. Inconsistent positive attitude. It will take a tremendous amount of sweat, long hours, patience and fortitude to achieve certain goals.  That is why cultivating a consistent positive mental attitude is imperative to succeeding.  Your attitude keeps the ball rolling so it’s important to stay positive in your approach. Do not quit when times are hard.  Instead, take a moment to view the situation with a set of eagle eyes.  What needs to be changed?  What do I need to work on?  What can I take responsibility for?  Where are my limiters?  Being a “positive person” is not all unicorns and rainbows, thinking everything is great all the time.  You also have to be a realist.  Accept the tough moments with optimism, but be intelligent with the movement you decide to take.


  1. Circle of influence. The people we spend the most time with has a direct affect on our own personal attitude.  Spend time with negative, angry and reactive people and you will pick up on their mannerisms.  Spend time with optimistic, encouraged and inspired people and you will pick up their mannerisms.  The time you can control, flood your life with people that will uplift and encourage you to achieving your dreams and goals.  Limit time with energy vampires who do nothing for your positive movement.  Stay connected with proactive individuals who are also striving for their personal goals and ambitions.  We need a daily dosage of people who exude positive energy to maintain our own vigor for life.


  1. Absent minded.  In other words, a lack of mindfulness.  Mindfulness is being aware of something.  When we lack this awareness, we may not do the necessary work to achieve our goals.  Taking time to come into the present moment, and breathe, is such a key strategy to achieving goals.  Self-awareness is a super human power.  Even on those days when you may not be in the mood to do the work, you sit back, take some focused breaths, come into the present, and you then go do the necessary action.  Add consistency with this approach and now you are moving closer to those goals.   “Stay mindful.  Stay mindful.  Stay mindful.”  Repeat this message when it’s time to make a move.


  1. The GPS is a bit off.  You may have the most positive attitude.  You can be the hardest worker.  You may put in the most time.  But if your game plan is not leading you in the right direction, something needs to change.  This goes back to self-awareness, it’s important to recognize where you currently stand and analyze the direction you are heading.  Every once in awhile we need to recalibrate the GPS and take a look at its execution.  Adjust accordingly.  The plan will always shift, depending on life, so it’s important to keep a close look at the journey so you can make adjustments when needed.


  1. It’s too easy to quit.  It’s 5:00 am.  It’s cold.  Your workout starts at 5:45.  “Bed sounds good right now.”  Sound familiar?  Listen, we all go through these internal battles.  But the individuals who achieve their goals are the ones that can subside the negative/self-deprecating voice and act upon the motivated/willing to get the job done voice.  The more ambitious the goal, the more time it will take and the more difficulties that will surface. Be willing to persevere through those obstacles and tough moments.  If you are resilient, and get back after it when you may have fallen, you will gain strength and momentum forward.  Just be willing to get back up.  That’s when most people quit.  Stay strong and keep striving after those goals.


  1. Poor management of time.  We all get 24 hours in a day.  The key is to maximize our time each day.  Most of us sleep 6-7 hours a night and work 8 hours a day.  That leaves us 9-10 hours.  Save time for spending time with family, eating, driving, and getting ready each day, which now leaves us with 6-7 hours.  These can be the “power hours”, meaning that these hours are where the gold can be produced.  Say you want to work on a side project, use these hours.  You want to get in better shape?  Well you only need 1 hour a day for that.  Spend more time with your kids?  Boom!  How we shape our days matter and can be a game changer when going after goals.  Grab a calendar and take time once a week to plan and prepare the following week.  Leave no time unused.  It’s ok to have “relaxing” time allotted but make sure it is written down in that calendar.  Schedule in your priorities. Start with your relationships and family time.  If you are married, that goes first.  If you have kids, that’s next.  Then work, fitness, social, etc.. What are your priorities in life?  Literally write down your top 10 in your calendar then schedule your week according to those priorities.  It’s amazing what you will get done with this one strategy.


  1. Not patient enough. This is easier said than done but patience is the name of the game. It takes time to achieve big goals. Plain and simple. Commit to the long game. Yes, it’s crucial to follow through on the necessary day to day work and be consistent, but go all in to the long-term journey. With this mindset and philosophy, and willingness to persist, your goals will eventually happen.


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Peace, Justin

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