Why we should workout everyday

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The answer to this question is easy.  We should workout everyday “to create a habit”.  Habits are what shape our entire lifestyles.  

Think about your daily routines.

What time do you get up in the morning?  

What is the first thing you do once you get up?  

What food do you usually grab for?  

Do you start the coffee at around the same time each morning?  

Do you brush your teeth around the same time each day?  

Do you follow the same route to work most of the time?  

Do you settle into your work day pretty much the same way each day?  

See, this is what I try to teach regarding fitness.  

We must find it in our day where we can schedule in our workout.  This is such a key element to instilling a healthy routine into our schedules.  It must become second nature.  Working out needs to become a daily habit.  That is the only way to get results.  Once it becomes a habit, we are less likely to miss, we stay accountable and we follow through no matter what.  Sure we may have days we miss due to family obligations or work appointments but those days are limited.  We stay consistent with our workout habit just like all of our other daily habits.  

Now listen, working out doesn’t mean you go and kill your body every day.  That is negligent and a recipe for injury.  An injury during a workout means you did too much or you did something that was out of your movement capabilities.  

We want to stay as far away from injury when in the gym.  So be smart and listen to your body.  

You can set up your weekly workout routine in many ways.  But again, the more we can make it a habit, the better to sustain the lifestyle.  

Weekly workout design example: (I recommend writing out your own weekly workout schedule at the beginning of each week)

Monday is your full body strength and conditioning routine.  I recommend hiring a personal trainer to work with.  It’s an investment that will reap positive results.  

Tuesday is 45-70 minutes low intensity cardio like walking or jogging with a mobility and core routine following.  

Wednesday is primarily strength training.  Be smart, get strong, move well.  Do something for your legs, push and pull for the upper body, do some core work and hit those arms.  It can be this simple.  

Thursday is another low intensity cardio session (45-70 minutes), followed with some core work.   

Friday is a full body high intensity interval training session.  Again, we want to be smart and controlled with these sessions.  There are many different variations of this style of training.  The main thing is to find an environment/workout system that works for you.  These sessions are a little more challenging, with bursts of exercise intensities for a period of time followed by a short recovery.  This is where a qualified fitness coach can assist in the design and management.  

Saturday is an active day.  Maybe it’s a sport that you enjoy or play with your kids.  Maybe it’s going hiking.  Maybe it’s knocking out some push ups and inverted rows in your backyard.  This is a perfect day to get outside and enjoy our universe while still being active.  

Sunday is a “whatever you want to do” day.  Go hit the weights at the gym, go on a run, go box, go dance, etc.  This is your day to explore and have fun with your fitness, s go for it!  

This is just an example schedule to show you how to mix and match different exercise intensities and variations into your weekly schedule. There are many ways to skin a cat.  If you have a more specific goal, your program will shift to support your objective but the principles will still be very similar.  Even the elite athlete can not withstand high intensity, all out training sessions day in and day out.  This type of overtraining tremendously increases our chances of injury.  

The moral of the story is that we need to look at working out as a habit that we instill into our everyday lives.  Too many times, people set out on their fitness journey ignoring this simple message.  It’s not a quick fix.  Once you see some results, sustaining those results still take work.  So creating the habit is ultimately what is needed to to achieve our fitness and lifestyle goals. 

Stay persistent.  It’s a process.  

Please email me at justin@jlevision.com if you need guidance. I have online programs available.

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