THE MINDSET EXPERIENCE / September 19th, 2020

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Do you have big goals??

Do want to surround yourself with other optimistic people and go-getters??

Are you looking for positive inspiration?

The MINDSET EXPERIENCE is for the motivated business professional who strives for their goals and wants to connect with other like minded individuals.

We will dive deep in the following subjects:

Personal growth

Emotional intelligence

Mindset conditioning

Goal setting


Life energy



This workshop is a game changer and can be the exact thing you are looking for to take your life to new heights.




I am not here to tell you exactly how to live life and achieve your goals.  In fact, that is entirely up to you.  What I will do for you is supply a perspective.  That perspective is based on my life experiences.  I have ran marathons, completed many triathlons, started businesses, lost businesses.  I have failed in many things.  I also have many successes.

I was put on this Earth to inspire others to go after their goals.  I wake up every single day ready to live life to the ultimate fullest.  This optimistic mindset does not come without tough circumstances and mistakes.  That is when the real learning lessons arise.

This MINDSET EXPERIENCES is not a “fu-fu” event where we feed your ego, recite affirmations and everything is all positive and shit.

This is a raw and real event that will supply a safe and friendly environment where you can be vulnerable, look within and challenge your own self.

I believe potential is pretty damn limitless. We CAN DO and achieve so many amazing things if we cultivate a determined, resilient and motivated attitude.

The MINDSET EXPERIENCE is a workshop to challenge ourselves in the areas of personal development, fitness and wellness, sports performance, emotional health, relationship building and overall life living skills.

If you are an entrepreneur, business manager, sports coach, teacher, realtor, or just someone yearning for life energy and inspiration, this life changing workshop will be a perfect fit.

You just have to commit!

Please let me know if you have any questions:

Justin Levine

Past Speakers

  • Randy Scicairos
    Randy Scicairos

    Randy began his entrepreneurial career at the age of 19.  In the past 12 years he has amassed an invaluable amount of knowledge and wisdom through his own struggles, failures and ultimately successful journey to his current position within World Financial Group.  He has spoken to countless thousands of people over his career ranging from large events to smaller team-building workshops and individual coaching sessions. He leads a team of over 500 people and has developed 19 senior brokers who have experienced tremendous success thanks in large part to his mentoring. Additionally, Randy is the proud father of a beautiful daughter and in a committed relationship with his life partner, Marbeya Barragan.

  • Marion Reneau
    Marion Reneau

    Marion Reneau is an American professional mixed martial artist currently competing as a Bantamweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).  When “Moe Mo” is not fighting she is a full time PE teacher at Farmersville High School. She is #7 in the official UFC bantamweight rankings.

  • Cynthia Johnson
    Cynthia Johnson

    Cynthia Johnson is a full-time professor of Communication and Psychology at the College of the Sequoias.  CJ also owns and operates COMMCO., a communication, coaching and consulting company, which trains organizations and individuals in all things communication, ranging from leadership, team building and conflict resolution.  CJ is the author of Strictly Speaking and Stratums, an interpersonal relationship text.  Her speaking presentations emphasize the connection and growth of the individual through positive mindsets, patterns and prophecies for the betterment of personal and relationship success.  CJ is an upbeat and positive person who has a passion to help others succeed in life. Be ready to be enlightened with CJ’s talk.

This workshop will be a good fit if you are looking to…

  • Conquer your goals
  • Network with positive go-getters
  • Have accountability
  • Go after your best self
  • Get in great shape
  • Build your business
  • Find clarity and purpose for life

Workshop strategy session discussions:

  • Setting ambitious and focused goals
  • Creating clarity
  • Mindset conditioning
  • Fitness and nutrition guidance
  • Real world success strategies
  • Time management
  • High level productivity
  • Relationships
  • Business growth
  • Marketing and Social Media strategies

What you will get by registering for The Mindset Experience:

  • Mindset Experience gift bag
  • Private Facebook group for daily discussions on specific topics and group interaction
  • Personal accountability with involvement in our discussions
  • Proactive coaching and direction
  • Motivation
  • General Admission
    • Access to the full day workshop
    • 30 minute 1-on-1 goal setting strategy with Justin Levine
    • Mindset Experience t-shirt

The goal for this workshop is to provide a positive platform for you to grow and condition your mindset to BELIEVE in YOUR GOALS. I have a deep faith that YOUR GOALS ARE POSSIBLE. And I want you to have this strong conviction as well.

We will coach you to creating an unwavering belief in yourself that will lead you toward your goals and highest aspirations.

Whether you want to get in great shape, run a marathon, build a successful business, be a good father or mother, or just want to go at LIFE with POSITIVE ENERGY, the Mindset Experience 2019 will inspire you to live your best life.

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